Before starting, note that many manufacturers now make removable wallpaper that can simply be peeled away. To check, try to lift a corner of the wallpaper and see if it peels away easily. If the wallpaper doesn’t come off easily, proceed as follows:

  1. Using a scoring tool, make holes in the wallpaper (be careful not to make holes in the drywall). This will allow the wallpaper stripper to penetrate through the paper.
  2. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, mix the right quantity of wallpaper stripper and water in an empty 5-gallon plastic pail. Or if you prefer, you can use an electric wallpaper steamer instead of liquid stripper.
  3. Apply the stripper solution with a sponge on a section of 4 ft. sq. Allow the solution to penetrate the surface for approximately 5 minutes. Do not let the solution dry.
  4. Starting with one corner of the wall, peel away a 4 ft. sq. section of the wallpaper. Repeat the process until all of the wallpaper has been removed.
  5. Use a putty knife to remove the more stubborn sections of wallpaper. If any wallpaper glue remains, keep wetting and scraping the surface until the glue has been removed.
  6. Using a scrub brush, scrub the surface to remove any remaining residue.
  7. To remove stripper solution residue and glue, wipe the surface with a sponge or damp rag. Any remaining paper or glue will cause the surface to crack or chip when you paint.

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