Exterior Paints and Stains

Masonry Pool Paint

Refresh the look of your pool with professional, high-end paint! Offering a safe, non-slip satin finish, it is soft on the feet and environmentally friendly.

  • Compatible with chlorine or saltwater systems
  • Rain-resistant after only 12 hours, fully cures in 5 days
  • Quick one-coat application in most cases

Durable pool paint with a flawless finish

Our pool paint is designed for all types of masonry pools, even new ones! Featuring an advanced formula designed to resist chemicals, UV rays and everyday wear and tear, it offers long-lasting beauty, summer after summer. Enjoy effortless application thanks to its high coverage formula.

Where to use

  • Concrete
  • Cement
  • Gunite
  • Marcite

* Not suitable for fibreglass hot tubs or pools.