Exterior Paints and Stains

Wood and Concrete Resurfacer

Looking for an innovative solution to refresh your exterior wood and concrete surfaces? This versatile multi-purpose paint is what you need. Its sumptuous finish will resist the signs of wear and tear while extending your protection all season long.

  • Fills and seals cracks (¼” and smaller)
  • Anti-UV and efflorescence technology
  • 10x thicker than conventional paint
  • Non-slip finish

Try our ultra-efficient resurfacer

Our formula uses the best technologies to offer you protection against wear and tear and the sun’s rays. What’s more, this paint dries to walk on in just 12 hours, 2x faster than other brands. It is also rain resistant up to 3x faster allowing you to finish your paint job the same day!

Where to use

  • Terrace
  • Gallery
  • Pavement
  • Wood
  • Concrete
  • Etc.