Primers and Ceiling Paints

Primer Interior and Exterior

Sanding can be one of the most time-consuming and tedious parts of a DIY project. But that’s no longer the case when using Denalt Acrylic Primer. This 100% acrylic coating adheres to alkyd without sanding, sealing porous surfaces with one coat. It resists moisture and mildew, making it ideal for painting on exterior and interior surfaces.

No matter how big or small your DIY project, the Denalt Acrylic Primer can provide you with an easy solution. It’s quick drying, meaning no long waits for one layer to dry before you can apply another. And it seals and protects surfaces without sanding, so clean up will be a cinch.

No more having to battle with sanding dust while applying your favorite pre-finish. A single protective coat will do.

  • Adheres to alkyd without sanding.
  • Seals porous surfaces with one coat.
  • Resists moisture and mildew.
  • For most interior and exterior surfaces.


  • Gallons (3,7 L)
  • Pails (18,9 L)
  • Quarts (1 L)