When it comes to decorating on a budget, paint is an excellent option. The following pieces of furniture were completely transformed with some paint – and imagination.

So get your brushes out and start painting!

Child’s dresser

This once unappealing dresser is now the main attraction in this child’s room. Brushes, stencils, and a little creativity are all that’s needed for this project.

Bold console

Transform an old dresser into a unique hallway console. A fresh coat of paint and new knobs give it a whole new look.

Refurbished chair

Paint just the frame – or the entire chair. Yes, it’s possible to paint fabric. If you’re on a budget and the chair is still in good condition, paint is a great solution. Use chalk paint, or an additive you can add to latex paint to turn it into fabric paint. It really works!

Tattooed table

Stencil the top of an old table for a unique new look. Or, paint the whole top, but not the legs. For an interesting contrast, paint the legs and not the top. There are so many options!

Two-toned bookshelf

Paint the inside of the bookshelf – or paint inside just a few of the sections. Use different colours for a fun look and tons of attitude!

Chic stools

It’s amazing how just a bit of colour can change the way we see things. Paint the stool, except the legs. Alternatively, paint just the legs in a contrasting colour. Be bold! Paint the legs a gold colour for a modern chic look.

Delicate redesign

This dresser’s drawers have been so beautifully and delicately redesigned that they even look great open!

When painting a surface always follow the 2 golden rules:

  1. Apply 2 coats to obtain the desired colour.
  2. Let dry completely for a period of 20 days to ensure the paint has reached its maximum durability.

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