Affordable new (nearly!) kitchen cupboards

Can’t stand to look at your cupboards anymore? Have you considered painting them before changing them? Rejuvenate your kitchen with gorgeous new doors on a budget!


  1. Remove doors and lay them flat. Remove knobs and hinges.
  2. Lightly sand the surface to improve adherence of paint.
  3. Wash with a degreaser such as TSP.


Once the surfaces are well prepared, it’s time to paint. The following tips will help you complete your project in no time!

  1. Use good quality paint. Unlike walls, cupboards are subjected to handling, water, cooking grease, and more, several times a day. A good quality paint will protect your work to avoid having to redo it again in 2 years.
  2. Apply paint with either a brush or a roller. However, for more professional results, use a spray gun. These are inexpensive to rent from your local tool rental location.
  3. Apply a coat of primer and 2 or 3 coats of paint. The number of coats will depend on the colour you choose and your comfort level with the spray gun.

Practice using the spray gun before starting your project. Though they are easy enough to use, they do require a bit of practice. And be sure to wear protective glasses and a mask, and ventilate the area well.

Some final tips

If you anticipate changing your knobs, don’t forget to plug holes from previous handles with wood filler.

Identify each door with a number and note their location on the cabinets. This way, if you have 37 similar doors, it will be much easier to reinstall them in the right place!

Finally, trust yourself. The final result will be well worth it and you’ll fall in old love with your kitchen again!

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