Exterior Paints and Stains

Deck Rejuvenators – Stain Stripper

For a fast and easy way to remove stains on decks, use our Denalt stain stripper. This green formula is ready-to-use and easy-to-use. It works on both oil and latex stains, and can be used on wood, metal or masonry. We formulated this product to safely remove semi-transparent or opaque stains from wood surfaces for an even deck surface before your next paint job.

Deck and fence stain stripper is an easy-to-use solution for removing fading and weathered stains from decks, fences, siding and other outdoor building surfaces. Ideal for all types of stains, this stain remover works on both latex and oil-base stains, helping to remove everything from semi-transparent or opaque stains to old paint. It’s safe for vegetation and biodegradable too, so it won’t cause further damage. Apply it with a garden sprayer and wait for the process to work its wonders, then simply wash it off using clean water.

  • Works on both latex and oil stains.
  • Helps remove semi-transparent or opaque stains.
  • Safe for vegetation and biodegradable.
  • Ready-to-use, easy-to-use formula.


  • Gallons (3,7 L)