The following steps will help prepare your drywall surface for a beautifully smooth paint finish.

  1. Start by wiping the wall to remove dust from sanding seams and joints.
  2. Uniformly seal the surface with a drywall primer before applying your paint.
  3. Use a synthetic fibre 63 mm (2.5”) paintbrush and a quality 10 to 5 mm roller cover for easier application and increased effectiveness of Denalt products.
  4. Edge around walls, doors and windows, then immediately use a roller to cover the remaining surface. Before using a roller, it is recommended that you rub it to remove loose fibres and moisten with water to increase paint absorbency.
  5. Under normal application conditions, 1 coat of primer-sealer and 2 coats of paint are recommended. If a paint colour is very dark, acrylic primer can be tinted the colour of the paint you are using.

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