Your hardwood floors needs a little love and you’re looking for an alternative to varnish? Why not paint? Other than putting down carpet, or sanding and varnishing it, paint can be a great option.

Chalk paint makes for an interesting look and finish. The advantage of this type of paint is its durability. And it only requires 1 coat, followed by a protective wax applied with a roller. Piece of cake!

Preparing the surface

Remove all nails and staples. Sand surface with an electric sander using 80-grit sandpaper. Keep in mind that the objective is not to remove all of the varnish as though you were going to re-varnish the floor. Sand only enough to improve paint adherence.

Applying the paint

With a paintbrush, trim around the entire room as well as any other area that requires trimming. With a 10 mm foam or fibre roller, apply a uniform coat of paint over the entire floor. Let dry 24 hours before proceeding with the next step


Once the paint is dry, apply 1 coat of wax with a foam roller. Although this product produces very little smell and is non-toxic, apply in a well-ventilated room.

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