Since its humble beginnings, Denalt Paints has grown to become a leading Canadian manufacturer of paints and stains.

Our home brands are sold at the some of largest names in home improvement.

A proud Québec business, all of our installations are located in Montréal. Thanks to the quality of our products, our brands, and our strong marketing, Denalt continues to grow across Canada and the United States.

ALL of our products are made in Canada.

SINCE 1958


Since its foundation, Denalt has been providing small, medium, and large retailers with premium quality paints and stains.

From very modest beginnings, this small family business has grown to rank as one of the most important paint manufacturers in Canada. We take great pride in the three most important assets that have contributed to our success over the years: our dedicated team of managers and employees, our unbeatable customer service, and our superior quality products.

With more than 110 employees now working for us, Denalt has also invested significantly in high performance equipment, allowing us to double our production capacity several times. Our production centre located in Montréal is right next to a large warehouse so we can stock customers’ stores quickly. Our main priority is to make sure your needs and those of your clients are met fast, all the time.



At Denalt, our unbeatable customer service and premium quality products are the values that drive our success.

Thanks to the small size of our business, our close-knit team of managers and employees can act fast and with great flexibility to meet the needs of our clients. Our team is also quick to adapt to changes in the market.

Furthermore, our innovative manufacturing processes, combined with the most recent advances in technology and a rigorous system of quality control, guarantee that our products reach the highest standards of quality. For our clients, this translates into reliable premium products that surpass all other national brands.



  • 95% of our team has been with us for more than 25 years.
  • Their knowledge and experience allow us to provide our customers with fast reliable service, at all times.
  • The outstanding dedication of our employees constitutes one of our biggest strengths.



Denalt is a Canadian company that strongly believes in developing and manufacturing our products in Canada by Canadians. We aim to be a significant force to reckon with against American competitors, and to become a growing presence in large retail stores across Canada as an alternative to American-made products. Our new home brands, such as Avanti Absolu and Denalt Pro Ultra, are concrete examples of products that will be distributed on the Canadian market.

We can say with certainty that the quality of our products, the expertise of our employees, and our production capacity will allow us to increase recognition of Denalt paints and stains beyond our borders. Our products are already present in the United States and in some other countries, and we plan on growing these markets.

Plans are underway to increase our production and storage capacity. Notable improvements have already been made to packaging, in-store promotions, and overall logistics. Our ongoing investments reflect our boundless desire for growth and excellence.