Has your front door lost its youthful appearance? Want to stand out from your neighbours? After all, isn’t your front door like a first impression?

Give a unique new look to your door and make your home that much more welcoming. Wood, aluminum or steel, the method is the same. And anyone can do it!

Prepare door

Protect glass and stained glass from damage with tape or newspaper. Sand the door with 80- or 100-grit sandpaper. Use a scraper if the paint is in poor condition. Wipe the door with a damp cloth to remove any dust.

Choose the right paint

For a steel or aluminum door, use anti-rust paint. For a wood door, you can use the same anti-rust paint or an exterior paint. For a high gloss finish, use automotive paint and a clear varnish to finish.


For a flawless finish, work in a sheltered area to prevent dust and debris from sticking while the paint is drying. When in doubt, apply an extra coat! Three or 4 coats of paint may be necessary, especially for bright colours. Keep in mind that glossy colours get dirty more easily and faster!

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