Colours are all around us. They enchant us and captivate us. Whether we realize it or not, colours affect us psychologically and physiologically. Every colour wields a certain influence over us.

In design, specific colours and their placement are used to add dimension and movement to a space. Not sure how to start with colour? The following colourful inspirations will make you want to dare with colour, everywhere!

Dividing an open space

Here’s a great example of how paint can be used to separate a space. These colours divide the dining area from the living room, while adding depth to the room.

Office space

Spaces that are not divided with walls or other types of dividers often leave us puzzled. Paint easily remedies the problem, as this teal wall does with this office space.

Dream alcove

This soft dreamy blue is a bold choice to define this small sleep space. Just looking at it makes you want to jump in and take a nap!

Adding depth

Black adds dimension to small spaces. In this case, the black is used to extend the angled wall, adding depth to the small bedroom.

Personalizing a wall

Out of ideas for your walls? This is a truly original way to create a focal point in your room and is sure to be the subject of many conversations!

Contrasting colours

In minimalist decors or narrow rooms, adding tone-on-tone shelving is a good choice as they disappear into the wall.

A calming punch of colour

This comforting shade of green at the centre of the white wall mimics a simple mural and positions the living room within the space.

Creating a trompe-l’œil

This is accomplished by simply applying colour beyond the alcove that leads into the living room.

Light and welcoming

This entryway is both soft and dynamic. Adding colour in the entrance makes a great first impression as you come in.

Camouflage effect

There’s nothing like doors to ruin the flow of a wall. Here’s an inspired and inexpensive way to help them blend nicely into the decor.

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