Paint is your best ally when it comes to performing small, low-cost miracles. No need to take on a huge transformation. Rather, why not just paint small objects, sections of walls, or even floors to add new life to your decor? Update your decor affordably and in no time with the following fun and unique ideas that will inspire you to decorate with paint!

Ombre wall

Easier than it looks, ombre walls are one of the most popular trends in decor. If you want to add a touch of magic to your room, this is the project for you. All you need are 2 colours of paint and a good quality paintbrush (you’ll need it to blend the colours well where they meet).

Geometric accents

To bring out your shelving or furniture, paint lovely geometric murals. So easy to do, they’re inexpensive and require little time. Plus, they add a touch of originality to your decor. To create a harmonious look, opt for colours that complement your wall and shelving.

Colourful legs

Because every little detail counts, add some oomph to your furniture by painting just the legs with colourful designs. This idea can also be used on the legs of your bed, your dresser, or your dining table. Get some painter’s tape and a few cans of vibrant colours, and let your imagination run wild!

Bold designs

Think out of the box with bold graphic walls, doors, and windows. Start by creating geometric shapes with painter’s tape. Step back to see if the dimensions and proportions are what you had in mind. Once you’ve found the look you’re going for, go to the next step: paint! It’s the perfect project to decorate a small empty wall.

Refurbished furniture

One of the best ways to achieve a unique decor is to refurbish the furniture you already own. Get creative designing geometric zones with tape. Choose a colour scheme you like and paint your piece as it inspires you. Most importantly, have fun doing it. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results!

Next generation stairs

Stairs are probably the last place people expect to see colour. Paint the entire stair or just the risers. Choose one colour, pastel colours, a gradation of colours … the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating that wow factor. And you don’t need to buy 12 cans of different colour. With just 3 or 4, you can have fun mixing them to obtain a whole bunch of intermediate colours.

100% stencils

Add texture without wallpaper. All you need is a bit of paint, a stencil, and some patience to produce beautiful patterns. Start by cutting out your pattern in a firm piece of cardboard and trace it on the wall. Do this until you’ve covered your wall and then paint. Maximum impact with minimum investment!

Checkerboard wall

We’re thinking out of the box here, ignoring baseboards, doors, even windows. With tape, create geometric patterns on the wall. Take a step back to see if the dimensions and proportions are what you hoped for. Once you’ve achieved the right result, start painting! It’s the perfect project to dress up an empty wall

Refresh your brick

Your house dates back to the 70s, and the colour of the brick is old and washed out? Rather than tear it down, think about transforming it! A few coats of paint can literally perform miracles and create the perfect backdrop to rethink your decor.

Transform your kitchen

Kitchen renovations can be outrageously expensive. Yet, there are an endless number of tricks you can apply that will save you time and money. The most popular is paint. Simply painting your cupboards can make all the difference! A nice light colour, for example, will make your kitchen look bigger and brighter.

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