Colour trends for 2019

Colours create a positive feeling in our homes. Depending on design choices, they can be muted and subtle, clear and refreshing, or light and soft. Above all, we find inspiration in colours that appeal to us and speak to us. Trends in paint and colour help create unique spaces that reflect our personalities and lifestyles. Discover the wonderful medley of colour trends for 2019.



Colour of the year 2019

This fresh and calm spicy blue inspired by nature is a soothing and rejuvenating combination of blue, grey, and green. The colour creates an ambience of peace and relaxation. It represents our desire to take a break, be present, and recharge. Versatile, xxx is ideal for interior and exterior projects and combines well with every design style, from contemporary to modern, nautical, Scandinavian, or exotic.

Rich sophisticated colours for 2019

As the metallic trend in home design continues, we love creating sophisticated spaces with colours reminiscent of more opulent days of the past. With copper, brass, and gold making a comeback, colours are becoming more luxurious.

Use colour moderately or generously to add positive energy to your home. Blues and greens calm and soothe, whereas oranges, yellows, and reds are more dynamic and optimistic. Yellow creates a feeling of freedom and fun. Splashes of orange, white trims, and wood furnishings warm up and balance your space.

The evolution of Scandinavian colours

For some time now, the Nordic and Scandinavian trend has taken over our homes. Though it seemed to be slowing, it has re-emerged with a different and more mature look. In line with this trend, colours are cooler and deeper. From glacier blue and eucalyptus green to black, these colours are getting closer to true Scandinavian style with a stronger character and personality.

Create a soothing backdrop with a muted green, blue, purple, or brown. Use these colours in a bedroom to promote a better night’s sleep, or in the bathroom for a gentler start to your day.

Green and all its possibilities

With a growing presence in design magazines and boutiques, green is slowly but surely making its way into our homes. From shades of khaki to mint and forest green, the colour is evolving in many directions.

As a colour, shades of green are at once lively and sophisticated. For example, for the rainforest trend, green draws from nature for a much darker shade. Though it’s not an easy colour to use throughout a home, it lends itself well to hallways with one shade for the walls and another for the doors.

Blues in a new light

A favourite in design, blues now come in new shades to meet the demand for new and changing tastes. Midnight blue or mineral blue create interiors with character. Deep blue adds a sense of tranquility in a home office. Used in combination with different shades of green, blue can create a refreshing and invigorating space. For those feeling bold, blue is also often combined with contrasting colours to create wonderfully unexpected outcomes.

Highlight your space

Accents are splashes of colour strategically placed in a room to create maximum impact. Vivid colours brighten up small spaces. Dark colours create a more formal atmosphere. Exterior accents highlight architectural details, such as doors, windows, and shutters. Pleasing colours and visual cues promote feelings of comfort and serenity. Design your decor with intention using colours that foster a sense of joy in your favourite rooms. Bring the outdoors in with colours inspired by nature that nourish the soul, such as blues, greens, and beiges.

Bold colours, bursting with personality

Take a break in your own personal sanctuary, surrounded by the people, objects, and colours you love. Bathrooms are private spaces, suitable for colours that help you escape the worries of the world outside. Breathe deeply and take a moment to relax in rooms of blanc murmure, vert brumeux, and gris-lilas ombragé. Pops of colour can make a strong impact throughout the home. They are perfect for staircases, hallways, and entrance halls. Use them to accentuate a window with a colour-blocking scheme or to give some extra punch to a door.

Creating a pleasing balance

In step with current tastes, 2019’s trends in home design immerse us in a world of soft, soothing colours as we continue on our quest for well-being and our increasing desire to disconnect.

Darker colours combined with lighter neutral furnishings, floors, or other decorative accessories create a pleasing balance both indoors and out.