We have every colour of interior and exterior paint you can imagine, and more than 90 colours of exterior stain to choose from for all your painting projects. Keep in mind that colours on your screen may appear different than actual paint colours. Visit a paint retailer to find the exact colour you’re looking for.

Select the palette of your choice to see the full range of colours available.

Select the colour of your choice to see the full range of colour schemes available.

As colours may appear different under different types of lighting, the type of light (natural or artificial) and the light conditions in the area you want to paint will influence the appearance of the colour you choose. To avoid unwanted surprises, we recommend looking at paint samples under different light conditions in the actual room that will be painted. Don’t hesitate to test colours before painting the entire surface. For more professional advice on choosing colours and painting, see our Tips & advice section

Choosing the right colour

What makes us feel good in one room and uncomfortable in another? Why do some spaces feel cozy, whereas others feel austere? Choosing the right colour for your walls can be overwhelming. The following advice will help you make the right choice.

Finding inspiration

Inspiration can come from anywhere: a favourite piece of art, an item of jewellery, a rug or a picture. If possible, bring the item with you when shopping for paint. Did you know that retailers can recreate the colour of an object digitally to find the right colour code? Note that these tools are not infallible! Be sure to check your colour before buying it to ensure it’s exactly what you had in mind.

Start small

If you find colour intimidating, start with a small room, such as a bathroom, a hallway, or even just one wall. A smaller project will give you the confidence and satisfaction you need to take on a second bigger project.


Consider the type of ambience you want to create in the room. Muted and neutral colours create a calming atmosphere, whereas brighter colours make a room more vibrant and exciting.


Lighting is a significant factor in your choice of colour. During the day, as the sun moves through your windows, it will change how the colour looks on your walls. Different sources of indoor lighting will also affect a colour’s appearance. As a general rule, natural daylight brings out the true colour best. Don’t hesitate to go out of the store to look at your samples, or even paint a small strip of your potential choices on the wall to see how the movement of the sun affects the tone and warmth of your colours.