10 easy ways to transform stairs with paint

Decor is in the details. From bold to patterned to textured and more, painted stair treads and risers are all the rage right now and can make quite an impact in your home. An easy project, all you need are a few hours and some inspiration to take your design the next level, from average to fabulous! Check out the following ideas for your stairs.

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  1. OMBRE

For this project, you need either one colour, or for a truly professional effect, 3 similar colours. Put colours in separate containers and add different amounts of white paint to create different shades. The result is very chic!


Go with the actual colours of the rainbow or select colours that go well together. The goal is to arrive at a nice and colourful outcome.


Paint a retro-inspired stair carpet. Simply paint down the centre of the stairs with a contrasting colour, or add a border on each side. For this look, painter’s tape is your best ally. You can also find decorative painter’s tape with patterns, such as chevron and waves, for a trendy and easy project!


Another great idea is to paint all of the stairs plus one wall in the same colour. However, avoid painting both walls, which can create a claustrophobic effect, especially if you’re using dark colours.


Paint a funny or inspirational message on your stairs. Write freehand or use stencils. They’re inexpensive and easily available in craft stores.


Reproduce the same geometric pattern on your stair treads and/or risers for a bold exciting look.


This idea may be best suited for those with drawing skills! Regardless, everyone can draw interesting designs or create a type of mural.


This may be the most interesting idea of them all. Simply paint the stair treads one colour and the risers another! Or paint the entire stair one colour and the railings another. Bright colours are livelier, but pastels or neutrals can be just as pleasing to the eye.


Stencilling may require a little more patience, but repeating patterns on stair risers creates a wonderfully charming effect.

  1. BOLD

This last idea may not be suited to all decors, but what an exciting pop of colour! Truly original!

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